Stay Together Woven Photograph, Framed 17x21

$250.00 USD

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Interwoven strips of many photographs make this one of a kind abstract piece. 

After shooting the photograph and making prints, I meticulously hand cut the actual paper print into strips. I then, carefully interweave the strips of photograph back together in something similar to a basket weave. Once the image is woven back together its textural and layered. Once I finish this part its time to make a frame for the piece. I make all the frames I use by hand. First, I start with long wooden boards that I cut down to size. I then glue all the wooden pieces together and then I stain the frame with a few coats of clear stain for a finished look and its ready to hang. I use acid free paper and inks while making these and the total sizer of this framed work is 17x21. Each framed woven piece comes with a framing wire, real glass, and ships via FedEx for $35 in the US. A tracking number is provided. 

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