Facade Quarantine Photo-Weave 21x29

$500.00 USD

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Closed for the pandemic, almost nothing was open in the entire city of New Orleans, especially the French Quarter. This image of boarded up facades was shot in March and due to the lack of parked cars I was able to photograph the entire front of the building. After I shoot my photographs and make my prints. I very carefully slice the actual prints into strips, then meticulously interweave them back together creating a layered and interwoven photo fabric. Once the weave is complete its time to make the frame. I create each frame by hand! First, I start with long pine boards that I cut down to size, then I glue the pieces to the size I need, then its time to sand and stain for a finished look. This woven piece measures 21x29 in its entirety, is framed with glass, and comes with a framing wire for ease of hanging. I ship vis fedex, for $35 in the us, and provide a tracking number. $75 international. 

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