"Cold Bird" 29x41 Photo-Weave Large

$600.00 USD

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Large interwoven photo paper weaving. I love the gradient colors in both the photograph and different shades of print used here. This large piece is framed with Plexiglas, a handmade pine shadow box frame. Its on sale, I've had it for a long time. Original price was 1,400. Get you a good deal. There are some slight blemishes on frame and black specs between matting and Plexiglas, those factors and time reflect in the price. There is this only one, I have it hanging in my house right now and quite like it, but if you want it, that would be splendid. 

I print each image myself, meticulously cut the prints by hand into strips, and carefully interweave them together creating what you see here. This piece comes mounted in a custom and handmade shadow box frame. For these frame I buy the wood in boards, cut them to size, glue the corners together, and paint the wood for a finished look. This piece measures 29x41 with the frame, comes with a wire for easy hanging. Shipping is $60 and I ship with FedEx and provide a tracking number. 

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