Blue and Cactus Photo-Weave 21-29

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925 Camp St, New Orleans, LA 70130

Located in their Gift Shop. 

I love this image! New Orleans is no stranger to incredible botanical scenarios and this huge cactus accented by this lovely blue home works well. Captured during one of my quarantine sanity photo walks I have taken the printed form of this image and turned it into a dimensional woven piece. 

After shooting the photograph and making prints, I meticulously hand cut the paper print into strips. I then, carefully interweave the strips of photograph back together in something similar to a basket weave. Once the image is woven back together its textural and layered. Once I finish this part its time to make a frame for the piece. I make all the frames I use by hand. First, I start with long wooden boards that I cut down to size. I then glue all the wooden pieces together and then I stain the frame with a few coats of clear stain for a finished look and its ready to hang. I use acid free paper and inks while making these and the total sizer of this framed work is 21x29. Each framed woven piece comes with a framing wire, real glass, and ships via FedEx for $20 in the US. A tracking number is provided. 

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