New Work, New Works, Ask me a Question!

Hey there, it’s great to see you again! 

I’ve had a busy month since my last blog post. 

Now that my studio is finally set up and functioning (thank goodness) I’m proud to have created 5 woven pieces in the last month. Each piece has new dimensions and is formatted a bit differently than my previous works. I’ve continued to build handmade shadow box frames but have decided to forgo the matting around the work for a cleaner more minimal appearance. This gives the piece more room to breathe and really shows it better, plus, I really like how it looks. 

I’ve picked up a few gigs shooting real estate photography this fall, which is both new and exciting. It has been helpful for me both in business and creatively. For one, I never shoot indoors and two, it’s not my “art art” so the work is not quite as personal which is really exciting and dare I say liberating. This new style of work involves methodically shooting staged photos of homes usings tripods, bracketed exposures, with drone images alongside a new way of editing and grading color. There’s something so interesting in seeing different home interiors. It’s also a surprise to see people’s wide array of decorating styles, lol. Keep the jobs coming, it’s fun to work with my camera in a new way. 

As you may notice I’ve been publishing more work recently and may be asking yourself why? Is he making more work, is he posting old stuff, was I just not seeing his posts before? Well it’s everything mentioned and more. For 7 years I worked at art markets selling my prints and meeting new people, with covid shutting everything down and moving to a new city. I’ve had to evaluate how I share, network, and meet people. For years I’ve wanted to post more, to share more work, to show work from other places and to tell you the truth I struggled with that. Whether it was thinking people wouldn’t like what I share, or just afraid to put myself out there more. With this transition I’ve made it a point not only to share more work but showcase pieces that are from places I’ve traveled and just share more work that I like in general. Not just what I think others will like. It’s a time of re-examination and a time to move forward and let the past be just that, the past. 

Ok, so you’ve made it this far, thank you! I’ve been really enjoying writing these blog posts and I’m interested in what you think and any questions you may have. Are there any topics you’d like me to cover in a future blog post? Any art or process related questions you like me to discuss? Anything philosophical? Any words of encouragement? Please feel free to email me (there is a contact button here on my site where you can send me a direct email). I’d love to hear from you!! 

Also, this is the holiday, I’m running a  sale on both my woven pieces and especially my prints. From now until Thursday the 17th at midnight you can take 20% off anything listed here on my website with code “NICE” at the checkout window. 

Thank you for reading this and please reach out, I’d love to hear from you! See you in the next blog post! I hope it’s been a good period for you despite the strange times we’re in. I wish health and abundance to all that are reading this update. Happy Holidays - VW

PS -  It snowed here the other day. It was magical and I hope more is on the way. I cannot wait to go out shooting after a fresh snow, it was so rare in Louisiana! 

Below are links to some new woven pieces. :)

“Landscape in your Dream” 21x29 Photo-Weave

“West Diamond” 21x29 Photo-Weave

“Mood” 21x29 Photo-Weave

“Villere” 21x29 Photo-Weave

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