Summer 2020, Moved, ext.

Welcome home Fall, it’s great to be with you. 

              As its been almost 4 months since I’ve relocated from New Orleans. In some certainty it doesn’t feel real and it’s all too real at the same time. As time moves on change feels like it has happened and the feeling of being on a long vacation is beginning to subside. Time in a new place even during a once in a hundred year pandemic feels exhilarating and comforting, everything is new, everything changes, everything stays the same. 

             As white tail deer walk through the yards in my new neighborhood, the sprawling urban core of one of America’s oldest and largest cities is but a few train stops or 10 minute drive to downtown. Surrounded by green, well now as of writing this, yellow, orange, and red. Moving water, able soother of the weary. Space and privacy in such a place was unexpected but more than anything welcomed to a great degree. At first I felt like an excited and overwhelmed country boy moving into a big city, balance was swift, newness is great, change has been good. Now, as I’ve found more a footing, I experience an abundance of nature with all of the liveliness the city has to offer. Nature has a profound effect on my well being something I was surprised Philadelphia could offer. 

So what have I been up to? Read more below. 

Here is some Fall foliage I’ve been lucky to see. 

Both of these videos are from the Wissahickon Valley Park.

            We were lucky to move into a new apartment straightaway. Unpacking went well though its still sort of happening in terms of decorating. Exploring the city, eating all the good foods (which, thankfully are plentiful), spending LOTS of time in the parks. Fly fishing for trout, some camping in Vermont and New Hampshire, much pondering of the great mysteries of life. Some commissioned artwork has come through which is welcomed and great. Been doing some mechanics work, time spent being disillusioned by the fact that it’s still 2020 and all its complexities…yeah. I sold my car before moving, though my partner and I share one I’m biking a lot these days, our area is very hilly, so that’s a change I’ll have to learn to adjust to. Thankfully, I’ve been shooting a lot of photographs in my colorful new urban landscape! I continue to feel inspired and excited for what Philadelphia has to offer. 

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