Fall 2020, Philadelphia

              It’s Mid/Late November, Fall has been beautiful and thankfully longer than expected! The temperatures have been pretty agreeable, the last of the colorful leaves are just hangin on. This will be my first real Winter (and Fall for that matter) in 12 years. I’m actually looking forward to trying out four seasons. 

            Where I live in Northwest Philadelphia, my elevation is 175 feet above sea level, my old house in Mid-City New Orleans was 6 feet below, how wild that change is. When it rains really heavily here the water rushes down my neighborhood streets so fast, it’s like I could go white water rafting down the hills. In New Orleans, any afternoon random thunderstorm could overwhelm the city’s drainage system and flood your car, home, yikes! It’s nice to not worry about that anymore. Though, there are hills here, and New Orleans is flat as a pancake, I’ll have to adjust.

            Being in a new city and having a new studio is great! It’s a daily delight to get out and explore all the new to me neighborhoods and photograph such a unique urban landscape. My current studio is a bit smaller than my last. At 100 sq ft. Vs 500 sq ft. I’m figuring out a new way of working. Firstly, I do have a backyard for frame cutting/sanding/staining. Secondly, I’ve got a basement with work tables for all kinds of things from staining, to sanding,  or anything if the weather is inclement. Plus, storage! My main studio is on the second floor of my house and it’s got a great view! I can see the city’s skyline and look way out into the distance over the trees. The studio gets great natural light and I’ve decked it out with plants, nice lights, and finally organized it in a way that has got good work flow to it. Also, I see lots of cardinals and squirrels from my studio window as they hang in the trees in my backyard. I handfed one of the squirrels a few times recently and gave them the name “Chippy.” I have not seen Chippy in a little while I hope they are ok. 

              As many of you know I’ve worked at art markets for the past 7 years. My work schedule often included 4 or so shifts a week. That gave me the opportunity to show my work to so many new sets of eyes, make connections at a good pace, and drive sales. Since my last market days (and moving across the country) I’ve begun transitioning my business and marketing online. This change will hopefully help me meet and engage with new people and will help me keep a newsletter going.  Any ideas you have on how to navigate this digital age with one’s artwork would be so helpful. 

            I’ve made a few new photo-weavings that I’m super proud of recently and I’m sending some work down to New Orleans to restock my inventory at some shops. I’ll have a beautiful new woven piece, a variety or 11x14 prints and a selection of greeting cards at The Ogden Museums Gift Store just in time for any holiday art purchases. Plus, Ogden has free admission on Thursdays for Louisiana residents, stop by! 

            Other than photo work I spend a lot of time exploring this incredible forested park near where I live. I head to the country to a few nice streams when I can borrow the car. (Still in the market for some wheels). I love fly fishing as many of you know and it’s a great way to be in nature and breathe some fresh air. Solitude is good, and the trout I catch are soooo beautiful. I love biking on all the bike trails near where we live and I would have to say I’m settling in nicely. The change in the weather has been nice, so far it’s not as bad as people say. 

Thanks for reading - See you in my next blog. 

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